Quieting Air Compressor: How to Make A Loud Air Compressor Quieter

Air compressor have become a commonly used appliances. It can be used to do even odd type of works whether it is household works or commercial works. It is also used in many industries also. You will see them in painting garages, furniture shops, and in many shops around you. It is very common nowadays. People buy it accordingly to their work and it also have many varieties. If someone have a good and decent budget the they can buy a best air compressor for home garage Canada from the market or from online shopping.

Since it is becoming common and many people showed interest in it many companies have started to redesign it and make some changes to make it more better and efficient. One thing that irritate people about air compressor is it’s operating noise and it is also hard to recognize the main cause of default . It produces noise which seems unpleasant to some. It has been noticed that the cheaper your air compressor more will be noise. This does not mean that you should spend heavy money to buy the less noisier or buying cheaper one and plug an ear bud inside ear is also not a good option. So, what is the solution? Here is your guide to help you to make your air compressor less noisier. But before we jump into the solution of this let us understand what are the reason behind it’s noise.

How Loud Air Compressors Are

Strength of sound is measured in decibal. There are a fixed range of decibal between which a human ear can hear. There are fix value in decibal for many things after which it will be considered as noise. For an air compressor decibal value 80 or more than 80 will be considered as noisier. If an air compressor makes sound less than 75 decibal then it will be considered as quiet. Most of the compressors would range somewhere between 70 dB and 90 dB, but if they are not specially designed to be quiet, the noise they make will more likely be around 80-85 dB; which is not that quiet, to begin with.

Why Are Air Compressors Noisy?

There can be many factors which makes your air compressor noisy but major factors are vibrations, exhaust noises and intake noises. If they all happened at the same time then it may not be pleasant for your ear.
Vibrations coming from your air compressor may not produce noise itself. Vibration depends upon your air compressor’s structure and its tank type. It also depends on where it is placed if there are a lot of shallow and hollow parts on your compressor, it will be producing much more noise from vibrations. Same stands for positioning it on something weak and shaky.

How to Make an Air Compressor Quieter

Now you have understood how air compressor produce sound which seems noise for our ear and which is unpleasant to hear. There are many methods to make your air compressor quieter. You can take your air compressor to any appliances store and they can help you to fix it. But it will cost you money and you may waste some of your time in searching for a good mechanic who can fix this problem easily without damaging your air compressor working and its efficiency.

Here is some pro tips for you which will surely make your air compressor quieter and you will need some extra things to add on your air compressor. What you can do to make it quieter is

1. Try to reduce vibrations as much as possible. To fix this you should cover some parts of your air compressor with rubber which will help to reduce vibrations. This will make it quieter and motor also.
2. Change it’s standing place to a stable one or you can put it on to rubber mat just to reduce shakiness of your air compressor.
3. To reduce intake and exhaust sound you can modify them accordingly. This will reduce the noise significantly.
4. If you have some money in your bank account and want to get rid of all these steps then think to buy a new air compressor which will be quieter one.

There is always a good option to buy the new one. If you can’t manage the older one then you can buy quieter air compressor as it will be good for you. Do some research then read some reviews and figure out which will be best for you.

It is impossible not to hear any sound of air compressor but, you can surely reduce the sound to some great extent. If somehow you manages to reduce the noise by few decibal then it will be a great achievement for you.
Hope this will help you to make your air compressor quieter.

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